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Cobbett Hub & Library

On 6th June Unexpected Places will be taking over the running and programming of Cobbett Hub & Library in Southampton with project partner SCA. We look forward to running workshops, events and classes from our new home. Join us at the launch event on June 1st! Visit for more information.

O2 Think Bigger

We’ve been awarded funding from O2 Think Bigger for our new project ‘A Wheelie Excycling Adventure ‘ – a tandem bicycle spectacular for families that sees a ‘normal’ bike turn into all manner of creatures! We can’t wait to share this show with you – rehearsals in progress. Email if you are interested in programming our new performance. Great for festivals, events, fetes and fringe festivals.

Acting UP




Our sister company Acting UP run drama classes in Fareham, Gosport, Southampton and Wickham – for children and adults! Acting UP currently teach over 150 students a week! For more information visit Called Acting UP or U.P. as a nod to us at Unexpected Places – these not-for-profit performing arts classes focus on fun, curiousity, imagination and confidence.


“Providing memorable arts-based opportunities and performances in, from and leading to unexpected places.”
Unexpected Places principal activity is to deliver not-for-profit arts and cultural services for the general public with a focus on the South of England, and Hampshire in particular. We exist to provide community orientated projects that promote social cohesion, wellbeing and access to cultural opportunities taking both our audiences and our participants to unexpected places.



Rosanna Sloan – Artistic Director

Rosanna trained as an actress and theatre practitioner on Rose Brufords’ European Theatre Arts course. When graduating she toured internationally with 50 Letters Theatre Company performing ‘Pages from the Book of…’ directed by Andrejz and Teresa Wełmiński , founding members of Kantor’s Cricot 2 Theatre Company. She also trained in authorial acting, puppetry making and manipulation at D.A.M.U. in Prague. She has worked as an actor, puppeteer and director, alongside role in arts marketing and administration.

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Eloise Tong – Creative Producer.

Eloise has a postgraduate degree at the University of Exeter where she specialised in theatre production and stage management. Her training has been largely grounded in audience interactive, immersive and site-specific performance which deals with place, identity and social cohesion. Outside of her academic interests, Eloise has acted in and directed several productions in and around Devon. She has also served as producer and stage manager for New Model Theatre’s April; a new piece of writing that examines social media and the dangers of establishing an online persona. Her role within Unexpected Places will allow her to engage with a diverse group of people and continue her work within local communities exploring challenging and stimulating themes.


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Join Jack and Maurice as they embark on an adventure that takes the audience to unexpected places. Come, pick up our puppets, step into our world and make it yours.

Maggie is searching through her Grandpa’s workshop when she stumbles across Jack, a puppet who springs to life with her touch. But Jack is no ordinary puppet… he is a puppet who knows he’s a puppet… But before the adventure can begin, Maggie and Jack are missing one important thing… MAURICE!!!

As they attempt to rescue him from the dusty clutches of a battered suitcase, Maggie takes a trip down memory lane and back into her Grandpa’s past to discover that Maurice is not the only thing they’ve left behind.

From Scraps can be performed in a traditional theatre space, or in a space that’s just a little more unexpected.

Directed & Produced by: Rosanna Sloan
Performers/Puppeteers: Corrinne Curtis & Jessica Kay & Peter Morton
Puppet Design: Jessica Kay & Peter Morton
Music Composition: James Boston


‘From Scraps’ has been performed at Bristol Festival of Puppetry, LPAC & Prague Fringe Festival with support from Farnham Maltings ‘no strings attached’ grant and support from the general public through our crowd funding campaign.



A Wheelie Excycling Adventure is due to debut at the Tunbridge Wells Puppetry Festival on Saturday 10th October.


All our workshops are delivered by either the Artistic Director or the Associate Artists of Unexpected Places, who are experienced, DBS checked workshop facilitators as well as professional theatre makers.
Please contact for more information and bookings.


(5 hours)
This workshop gives students the tools and techniques needed to devise their own theatre, and improves improvisation skills. Split into four sections; devising through games, devising character, devising text and devising story, this workshop takes students through the necessary steps to be able to devise their own work independently and confidently.
Recommended for GCSE and A Level Students,
Recommended class
size: 20


(4 hours)
Designed to introduce drama students to key practitioners of European Theatre and their methods this workshop will give participants a taste of physical theatre and the teaching of Lecoq, Staniewski and Meyerhold to participants of this high energy physical workshop. Largely practical with a brief theoretical discussion to place the practical work in context, students will be able to repeat the techniques taught for their own training, devising theatre and will introduce students to theatre practice outside of the school syllabus, as well as being a taster for courses in drama schools.
Recommended for A Level Students
Recommended class size: 20 (A large space is needed for movement work)


(1.5- 2.5 hours)
Ever wanted to design and make your own puppet? Unexpected Places helps children bring an imaginary character to life in this fun, hands on session. Using an array of objects, a bit of glue and some adult help to make it move at the end of this session participants will have a new friend to take home.
This workshop can be extended to 2.5 hours to include an hours session bringing the classes puppets to life, culminating in a short performance.
Recommended for Infant & Junior School Children
Recommended class size: Any
£150/ £250 with performance